As I am writing this it is 11:07 pm in Turkey and 3:07 where you are.  I expect you are researching Turkey right now.  Email me your questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

It has been so good to see our grandkids Jack and Lydia and our son John and his wife Pam but the trip has not been without it's interesting highs and lows.

The first leg of our trip was on a tiny tiny plane that only had 13 rows and we were in row 12!!  Weird.  Only 2 seats per side so we got to sit by eachother only.  Love it.  We landed in Toronto and had a 4 hour wait until our plane left for Istanbul.  Here's a bit of went well and what has been trouble:

1.  +  We got TSA precheck status and we could go quickly through security.

2.  +  Our plane from Toronto to Istanbul which was a 9 hour flight through the night was only about 1/2 full so we got to spread out and have a couple seats!  WONDERFUL!!  It was a huge plane, biggest I've ever been on.  It was an Air Canada 787--check it out online.  The thing is massive.

3.  +  We met a nice woman who was going to Turkey to visit her mother.  She grew up in Turkey but now lives in Pennsylvania and she was going to be there for 2 weeks. 

But then...we stood at the baggage claim to get our two HUGE suitcases and all the suitcases came and went and ours never showed up.  One of them--the one with our clothes--still has NOT arrived.  Luckily, we always put a couple days of clothes and our pajamas and toothbrushes in our carry on bags so we are good until tomorrow.  Our red suitcase was delivered to John's apartment today and that was the one full of stuff of John and Pam's and kids along with some presents for them so that was fun.  But we are still luggage less as far as clothes and our stuff.  GR....

We have ridden on a ferry, in a couple of taxi cabs, on a mini bus and on the subway.  That's a lot of modes of transportation in just 2 days.  We have gone to the mall, gone to the park, and walked around their neighborhood.  Lots of fun.  There is a bakery in the first floor of their apartment building and they have something called chocolate bread and it is AMAZING!!  It's literally a bread roll with chocolate oozing in it.  Planning to have one again tomorrow for breakfast.

Had a burger today.
Had a McDonalds ice cream cone today.
Had some Turkish pasta dish and chicken and rice.
The Diet Coke is Coke Zero and doesn't taste the same.

But here is my favorite fun interesting fact for you for the day:

      In Turkey, you CAN NOT flush your toilet paper.  Wish I was kidding kids but in every bathroom from the mall to the airport to my son's home there are signs saying to NOT flush your toilet paper.  There are little garbage cans right by the toilets and you have to put your used toilet paper in there.  I have messed it up a couple times and had to flush it because....not picking it up after forgetting.  Not going to happen.

For 10 tickets, research bathroom habits of people around the world.  How many places can you find where you CAN'T flush the toilet paper?  Is Turkey weird or are we weird?  Can you think of any benefits of not flushing your toilet paper?  Would it be worth it?  Respond to others ideas on this issue and you can have 4 tickets for every response up to 3 responses.  

Check the student tab--I put a couple pictures up.  Enjoy your short week.  I'll write another interesting fact tomorrow though I doubt I can top that fact.