So Jim's wedding is over.  It was wonderful.  I cried, a happy crying but still, even though it's happy it's a little meloncholy because now he will never come here and live here alone, ever again.  At least let's hope he doesn't!  I am going to post pictures on the summer vacation tab soon, maybe today.  The wedding was in Iowa City.  We hosted the groom's dinner at athe Timber Lodge Dome at a park in Solon.  We made the programs, tied all the bows on the chair for the reception, made the movie/slide show for the reception (I will show it to you next year, maybe on the first day of school) and more.  Joe sang a solo in the church service part and we danced the night away after a lovely dinner.  Wonderful, wonderful time.  Thanks to Courtney's family for all they did to make this an AMAZING day.  Jim and Courtney went to Chicago for their honeymoon and Jim starts his new job (it's real life now, man) tomorrow. 

All four of my brothers and sisters and their spouses and kids came to the wedding.  My mom too.  All but one of my husband's siblings came and a couple of their kids came as well.  It was like one big happy family reunion.  The girls from the Winona State Softball team were all really super nice and the boys from the Winona State Baseball team were all super funny. 

All Jim's brothers were groomsman along with Courtney's brother and Jim's best friend Jared.  When the pastor said, "Please give me the rings" and held his hand out to Johnny, the best man, Johnny looked paniced, patted down his pockets and looked to Joe.  Joe did the same thing and looked to Jake who did the same thing and looked to Vlad who did the same thing and looked to Cody (Courtney's brother) who did the same thing and looked to Jared who stepped out of the line, gave the "bring in the left handed reliever" sign that baseball managers give and then Johnny found the rings in his pocket.  Everyone laughed--which was a nice break from all the emotional tearing up that was going on up to that point.  Really funny.

Today is Johnny's birthday.  Gotta run and get some gifts.  Happy summer to me, SA is over, Jake's grad party is done, the wedding is done and's time for relaxin!  (That's what Vlad says, "Relaxin time.")              Miss you all.  Mrs. Kovacs