Especially since it's supposed to get up to 52 degrees on Thursday.  I am actually ready for it to snow and stay.  Isn't it so pretty? 

I am headed to the grocery store to buy the indgrediants for Classic Russian Borscht.  It is a cabbage and beet soup that Vlad wants to bring to school and share with his class.  Turns out they are doing a taste test like thing in his ELL class and asking kids to bring something from their own culture.  Joe, this is what the "other" was we were talking about.  We have kids who eat fried rice and egg rolls with their Thanksgiving meal.  Doesn't that sound wonderful?  I love the idea of trying some different things.  Maybe I will bring some Russian Borscht to school on Thursday.  Would you try it?  Blog a comment letting me know what you think and you can have a couple of tickets.       See ya all tomorrow!    Mrs. Kovacs

ps It turns out that it was 3rd graders who rudely ripped open the display case and stole the goose out.  Hmmm...I am going to tell them the alarm sounded and I have evidence that shows "who done it" and that they are in trouble for getting too wild and getting carried away and minding someone else's business, and opening the display case that should NEVER be opened by kids who don't have permission.  Hmm...wonder what Bock will say about all this.