Why did it quit already?  Oh my!  So far this winter has really been a bust.

Gunner were you sick?  Preston are you in Duluth at a hockey tournament? That's what the rumor is.

I am happy to give away tickets to anyone who blogs a comment about the poem "The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere".  All you have to do is say ANYTHING--who the author is, what a steed is, what a belfry is, how many laterns are involved, whether you like it or not, what it means to grab arms--ANYTHING!!  I will give you 5 tickets for such a comment. 

Next week on Monday we have the MAP test, don't forget.  It is the reading one.  The spelling tests were great today--2 weeks for one set of words must be the ticket.  Lots of As and Bs.  We will move on to some snowman directions (how to make the crafts we made) as well as snowman poems and stories.  All that is coming up next week. 

Have a great weekend.  I hope to go to a basket ball game Sat. morning at 11:00 at South Campus and a hockey game Monday night at Vadnais.  Blog me the time and place of your event and I will try to be there.  Mrs. Kovacs