Can you believe it?
You only have a few days left in your elementary school career.
We all only have a few days left at this beautiful school they call Oneka and we have called home for several years.

Class party at my house is rescheduled to June 21 from 4-7.  Come for the food and stay for the fun.  It is a GRADUATION party for YOU and VLAD and Jim and Jake too!  Wow, I am surrounded by graduates this year. You can be dropped off by mom or dad or whoever and just let them know how long you want to stay.

The last "Outing with Mrs. K" will be Cup N Cone or the Yogurt Bar (meet at the outdoor circle between Cup N Cone and Caribou and we will decide) on Wednesday evening around 5:00 (predinner dessert!!).  Hopefully many of you can come and we can have a treat to celebrate your graduation.  I will be there from 5-6 so stop by, grab some ice cream or frozen yogurt and we will hang out together.  Bring the whole family, have a sub or LeAnn Chin's.  There will be lots of choices.  Come on your way to your ball game, or practice, or...whatever you have going on.  Hope to see you there!!