We won!  I'm not surprised, as we are a room just bursting with school spirit.  We did have a few kids forget but Mrs. Kovacs had a couple of shirts to share and a couple of boys had on 2 things and could hand one off so we were at 100% participation in BEAR WEAR DAY!! 

We watched the 2005 WBLHS football movie today.  Go Bears!!  The big homecoming game is tonight so if you go, cheer hard and stay dry.  It's always a huge and very fun event. 

It's Mikayla's birthday tomorrow so if you think of it you should blog her a happy day note.  We will have to sing for her on Monday.  There was already too much excitement in the air what with winning the BEAR WEAR Challenge and the big game tonight.  Anyway, Happy Birthday Mikayla.  Here's hoping you have a fun day.

Gather your artifacts over the weekend and be ready to share them by Tuesday.  Remember, they have to fit in the bag.  For extra credit, know what the score of the Bears v. Park homecoming game is.  That will be worth 3 tickets.  You can check the paper or read this web site for some clues later in the weekend.  Of course I can't give any yet as the game hasn't even been played yet.  I'm going to predict the Bears by 14. 

See Ya.  Mrs. K