It's only day 2 but you guys are so good--just like pros!  Really great kids, that's for sure.  Today was the day we started team work and the tool we used to get you together with a team was fantasy football.  Did you find out some really cool stuff about the players on your fantasy football team?

Tomorrow we will work on the weeds we need to pull which some of you have already taken the liberty of demonstrating for us.  Things like blurting, walking around the room during read aloud, being uncooperative or uncollaborative in team work time, being a bossy know it all, etc.  We've seen it all already but tomorrow we are "weeding" our garden and getting rid of all those things.  What a beautiful garden we will have by the end of the week.

Tomorrow we will start lit circle groups.  Friday we will get our life journals going.  That's very fun. We will do them as if they are smash books so bring some stuff to smash into them.  Bring a picture of yourself for the cover.  

So far you guys are AMAZING!!  I am excited to come back tomorrow.  I hope you are too.