Everyday can feel like a day at the zoo when you're working in fourth grade.  Fourth graders certainly can be monkeys!  But today we actually went to the zoo--the real zoo. It was a wonderful day.  The weather was fantastic, the brown bear was in the mood to swim and the dolphins waved a wet hello.  Thanks to Alec's dad who let us call him Alec's mom all day and to Jaide's mom who actually was a mom and let us call her Jaide's mom all day.  They were both great group leaders and led their pack charging through the stations at the zoo.

It was Math Day so there were problems to figure out at every animal.  They gave us calculators and rules and passports on the way in.  After solving a problem your passport was stamped and you were free to look at the animals.  There were many many problems and many many solutions and many many animals--it is after all, a zoo.  A fun time was had by all and the ride home on the bus was much quiter than the ride there.  I think we finally pooped out our fourth grade monkeys.

I'm actually going to stick with the ticket questions from the weekend for those of you who didn't do it.  Read my last blog message and figure it out.  Kennedy--get that signature!  For the two of you who brought in the solution (and beautiful graphs etc.) you can have 5 more tickets if you write your own comparison language problem using animals from the zoo as your subject.

Have a great night everyone and come back tomorrow ready to go!!            Mrs. K