With Summer Academy and house guests the whole month, June flew by.  We got to spend 2 weeks with our son and his wife and the two grandkids who were here from Turkey.  I also got to see Skylar every day as she was in my SA class.  It was all good stuff but very busy.  Also, my sister was staying with us some of the time too as she comes to teach SA also.

July 5th is my son Johnny's birthday so we went to Sky Zone and a Twins Game.  His daughter who is not even 2 yet broke her foot when she tipped on her chair and it fell.  Then on the 6th we had my mom's memorial service up here for her friends who lived around White Bear Lake.  Then, we rented a camper and headed to my home town of Mt. Lake where we had a second memorial service for all the people she knew her whole life.  Both were good.  We headed home Sunday and then on Monday we returned the camper and headed to the Boundary Waters.

We went into the Boundary Waters on Tuesday morning.  It was a rough day with lots of portaging and it rained.  We set up camp at 7:00 pm and it rained all night and all the next 2 days.  We were wet and COLD.  It was still kind of fun.  On Thursday we moved camp to Lake Ensine to be closer to heading out and the sun broke through.  Thursday night and Friday morning were beautiful and we swam and did all the things you should be able to do in the Boundary Waters.  But our permits were up so we left Friday afternoon. 

I need a vacation from my summer!
Lyman got sick and ended up in the hospital.
Mary took a fun trip.
Skylar was at Summer Academy.
I think that's about all I know.

Enjoy July!