And I love you guys too!!  Thanks for being so fun and cute for Johnny.  He said you all worked really hard and were enthusiastic and darling all day long.  What a wonderful class I have.  Would it be ok to flunk you all and have you repeat 4th grade with me next year?  Then next year, when the year is over I can decide you are all too bright to stay back and jump you ahead to 6th grade.  What do you think?  Is it a plan?

Syndney, I hear you were quite the bundle of trouble all day long.  Of course, I'm kidding, Johnny just told me he had fun teasing you all day.

Ok, everyone gets a ticket tomorrow for being so good AND everyone who can show me a wonderful journal entry can have another ticket.  The tickets from yesterday still apply so blog on about baseball.

See you all tomorrow.  Hope you missed me even though Johnny is so much fun.

Mrs. Kovacs