Joe, Joe, where ever you are (in Florida), we miss you.  Hope you are having a great time.  Can't wait to hear all about your fun adventures.

We started our Ogre study with Awful Ogre's Awful Day and continued it today with Puss N Boots.  Tomorrow we get our think pack and will start the Shrek stories.  It's kind of cool how these fairy tales have so much in common.  Study your spelling words, they are grotesque.  (Did I spell that right? Let me know in a blog and I'll give you some tickets.)

We need to prepare for the track meet on Friday.  Are you ready? 

If you know how to contact Alaria or Dylan, do it and tell them to bring their Shrek permission slip tomorrow or they will miss the show. :(  That would be so sad.  :(

See ya     Mrs. K