I needed to headlines for this news.  Wow, what a week!

The fire was extremely exciting and we learned a ton about back fire, DNR, grass fires, and why land is sometimes even burned on purpose.  Our land was not burned on purpose but...it was well contained and we are all safe and sound.  The only thing is, we lost our habitats.

Check out the picture tab and I will post some photos of what the fire looked like.  I have some great pictures of you studying and working in the very place that was on fire the next day.  What a difference a day makes.

In the sky zone challenge Joe is going back and forth between first and second place.  He is getting some help from the Fargo sky zone owner in that the guy let him hand out some forms and stand at sky zone and make a pitch.  It seems to be working as he is getting a ton of votes.  If your mom or dad registered to vote, remind them they can vote every day through April 22.  I am going to be exhausted when this is over!!  Let's hope I'm exhausted and the proud mom of a kid who just won $10,000.

Remember we hit the ground running with MCA testing bright and early Monday morning.  You have worked hard, you have prepared, and you are READY!!  Give yourself positive pep talks, get your supplies lined up (pencils, mints and head phones) and get a good nights sleep.  We will SHOW WHAT WE KNOW!!  We rock!  We can do this.