Joe and Emily got engaged!  He has been working really hard all summer and he paid off the ring and it is just the one she wanted.  He wrote a love note and put it in a bottle and I went and hid it in the sand along the St. Croix River by the Boom Site in Stillwater and then they walked along there and found it.  She read the note and then he pulled the ring out of his pocket and boom, he's engaged.

What a summer of love this has been at my house, huh?  We love love love Emily so this is all happy news.  They probably won't get married until the summer of 2013.  Joe is pushing for next summer but we'll see.  I put a couple pictures of Joe and Emily on the summer vacation tab, check it out.

Joe leaves for Alaska on August 25 where he will be going to Alaska University in Anchorage.  He has always wanted to go to Alaska.  John and Pam leave here on August 12 and head to Haiti for a mission trip.  They are there 1 week and then they are flying to Alaska to camp and then help get Joe settled in on August 25.  How cool is that?  Jake starts at the U of M on August 31--Welcome week for freshmen.  Our house which has been so busy and full and fun all summer long is going to get really quiet.  What will Vlad do?  I can't worry about that yet.  I am going to focus on everyone still being here for 2 more weeks.

It's a beautiful day--get out and play.