So....I've been so unbelievably busy since you saw me last on Friday, Dec. 20.  CRAZY busy.  

Johnny and his family of 5 arrived at my house on December 21 and we had a dinner with him and his family and his wife's mom and dad.  Then we had shopping to do, Christmas tree shopping and decorating to accomplish (we ended up with 2 next to each other, I'll tell you about it Monday), and 20 people to host for Christmas Eve.  Then Church 2 x, Christmas day stuff, and more people over.  Then Johnny went off and I regrouped and we had more shopping to do for a groom's dinner we were hosting.  We had wedding rehearsal and we fed 35 people after that for the groom's dinner.

New Years and the finishing of the wedding video.  I'll show it to you on Monday.

Then Joe arrived and we had our family Christmas.

Then there was a lot of company for the wedding.  At one point I was feeding 30 people a day!  My sister and her kids and Johnny and his family and Joe and.....

Then we all went to Star Wars, SkyZone, and lessons for the granddaughter (I gave them to her for Christmas and as a bonus, I saw Viv), a Wild game with the kids, and now it's Saturday and I still didn't do a winter break challenge.  


So.....let's do a January challenge.  

10 tickets to anyone who puts 2 New Year's Resolutions on the blog.  4 to people who comment on other people's resolutions.

10 tickets to anyone who lists at least 3 things they got for Christmas and tell how they reacted to the gift.

We will practice hygge on Monday and probably the whole month of January.  Take a breath, relax, enjoy.