The Burgundy Jacket winner got 3rd on his team at the High School Golf Match today.  I keep calling it a meet and that is bugging him hugely.  Match, meet, what's the difference?  At least I don't say how did your golf game go today?  Who performed at the half time show?  What inning did you score in? and stuff like that.

I am really tired today.  You reminded me why we don't do math in the afternoon.  I know mixed numbers and improper fractions are new but...not really.  Surely you've thought of having 1 1/2 of something.  You say you are 9 1/2 years old, right?  So what would the denominator be in fractions where you are talking about a whole year?  That's right, 12, one for each month.  So 12/12 would be 1 year old.  24/12 would mean you are 2 years old.  So what is the improper fraction for when you are 9 1/2 years old?  For every 1 year it is 12/12.  The denominator stays the same (12)  because you are always comparing everything to the number of months in one year.   So how many months are 1/2 of a year?  6 months, right?  So 6/12 is a fraction equivilant to half of a year.  6/12 = 1/2   Can you see that?

We will look at this more tomorrow.  You can do this, kids.  You are smart math thinkers.

Today's BHTQ has to do with lit circle books for baseball.  Blog a comment saying what kind of book you are hoping to choose--do you want a true story, a fact based book, a fiction book that has baseball themes or what?  First come first serve so if you blog a comment about this you will 1. Get an immediate trip to the prize bucket and 2. Get first choice in the book selection process tomorrow.  Have a great night!