From home.  I can't get to this page on the school network.  They are working on it.  Finally, I remembered to do it from home.  It works from home so I have evidence it's the school network, not the website.  Sheesh.

It's Martin Luther King, Jr. day.  We know what that means!  There is a blog ticket earning opportunity about this on the homework tab.  Check in red.

Did anyone go out and see the Blood Red Moon last night?  It was cold but really cool!!  I only saw pictures as I was a real baby about how cold it was.  Wish I would have gone out.

Day off challenge:  1.  Trash to treasure, of course.  2.  Blog a comment about really cold weather with no snow (how do you feel about it etc.) and earn 4 tickets.  3.  Blog a comment that lays out good test taking strategies in preparation for the MAP on Tuesday and you can have 10 tickets if your blog has at least 4 good strategies, 8 if it has 3, and 5 if it has 2 or more ideas on how to do well on the upcoming tests.

Enjoy the day.  I am.  See you tomorrow.