Vlad is going to be here on December 13.  It won't be long now!  We practiced having him around tonight.  I grabbed the ketchup out of Jake's hands at supper and said in a loud voice, "No no no ketchcup.  You no like tomatoes.  Ketchup many tomatoes.  You no.  No ketchup for Jake."  My husband chimed in, "Why why why you take ketchup.  You no like.  No tomatoes, no ketchup.  Why why why, Jake?"  Then I held the ketchup far away from Jake who rolled his eyes and said he didn't think this was something we needed to practice.  Oh, I think it is.  We definitely need to practice our patience.

I wonder how Kennedy is doing during our snow storm?  She missed it by that much!    She will come home to a totally white, new world.

Have a great evening everyone and Joe's mom says that if you sleep with spoons under your pillow you'll increase your chances for a snow day tomorrow.  Joe, can you please explain to us how that works?  Or Joe's mom?
See ya--Mrs. K