First, we had a nice gift for Joe and all the makings of a fun good bye party and then Joe didn't come to school.  We were all pretty sad.  Then, Ms Dahlem caught you being loud in the hallway--which you usually are NOT-- so it's kind of sad.  Then she got mad at me and so then I was mad.  Then, Mr. Doebler had to get crabby at you for not listening and following directions and he told me to expect to pick up half my class in the office next time they have Phy Ed.  Wow, Mr. Doebler is the most easygoing, fun loving guy I know so when he gets made at you I know it must have been serious.  Why would my usually wonderful class be disrepectful to Mr. Doebler?  I have no idea. snacks and no party.  Won't it be more fun to have the party on a day when we celebrate something like hard work or great compliments?  I think so.

Well Joe, we are going to miss you.  We are so sad you didn't come and say goodbye to us.  I hope you write to us or blog us on this website or call Gunner or Daniel or Panhia once in a while so they can let us know how you are doing.  I am sorry you didn't come see us one last time and I think some of your friends here were a lot dissappointed about not getting to spend the day with you.  They had big plans.

Have a great weekend.  Monday will be a less emotional day.  Maybe we will be able to celebrate on Monday.  Or, maybe we will celebrate when we watch the movie National Treasure!  Hey, that's a good plan.  We have all the right treats for a movie day!! :)