We had reading MAP testing and no IE time.  The day actually flew by.  We were able to get in some math during the IE time that was cancelled and therefore were able to wrap up our carnival of money.  Was it fun?  Would you like to do a carnival of some other topic sometime soon?  Blog an answer and earn yourself 5 tickets.

Tomorrow is Mrs. Garmen's funeral so many many of the teachers are going to attend that.There aren't enough subs in the district so some of us volunteered to stay back and actually have a couple different classs with us.  I have my own and our buddy class, Mrs. Engstrom.  It should be a pretty fun morning.  They go to lunch a whole hour ahead of us so we will help them get outside and then head upstairs for math.  I bet it won't end up being enough time with them.  We are going to do some fun activities with a Jan Brett story.  FUN!!

Don't forget that this is another short week.  I wonder how tough it will be to be in school all 5 days next week.  Hope the kids who were out today are back and better tomorrow.    We missed you.                  Mrs. Kovacs