I just got in from shoveling the driveway with my husband.  It was so nice, snowy and beautiful and quiet and peaceful.  The snow was heavy and so white and fresh.  It felt great to be outside.

Happy New Year everyone.  It is 1:18 am and I realize that the college kids are winning the battle.  I have been up until after 1 every night this week and today I slept until 11:00.  Crazy schedule.  It is going to hurt to go back to school.

I saw OJ today and it made me realize how much I miss all you guys.  I can't wait to see you and hear all about your vacation.  Also, lots of kids are getting electronice (Rachel and Jordan for sure) and that is great news.  Starting in January we are going to be doing an online science class using this very website.  We will get a new tab that tells what you need to be studying and there will be links to video clips and then a discussion blog that will be required for your grade.  If you don't have a computer at home, no worries, I will give you time to use the ones at school.

Enjoy your last couple of days off. Play in the snow.  Happy New Year, everyone.  Mrs. Kovacs