I imagine you are all tucked in and snuggling up with one of the books you got at the library today.  How fun was that?  What was your favorite part? Blog a comment about what you liked best and you can have 6 tickets tomorrow.  I think I must need new tickets already.  I will have to pick up a new roll this weekend.

That's right, the weekend is not far away.  Today was Wednesday already and tomorrow is Thursday and then just one more day and we're all in for the weekend.  Cool~well the temperature is at least.  I LOVE cool weather.  Dress warmly or have a sweatshirt along because I like to keep our classroom cool and a cracked window is all it takes at this point!

Be sure and talk with mom and dad about our first exploration:  Native American Life!  Pick a topic, dig in, create, explore, dream, create!  It's all going happen in our Native American exploration.

See you tomorrow.