Tomorrow we are kicking off our school spirit days in honor of homecoming week.  Remember to wear Orange and Black tomorrow.  Then on Thursday wear buttons (like the sports ones with our picture on it) and rec t-shirts.  On Friday we will cap it all off by wearing BEAR WEAR. Hey, we'll do what we can to support our Bears--Go Bears.

We had a great field trip today.  As a class, though, we really need to work on our listening skills and on NOT talking when being addressed by a teacher or leader.  It is very disrespectful and tiring.  You are all such nice kids I just know you don't want to be disrespectful but you are every single time you talk when a teacher is talking to the whole class.  What can we do to fix this?  For 3 tickets, write down an idea on how we can stop classroom chatting.

Finally, sorry I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday but as I said I went right from school to our last home study meeting for Vlad and that lasted until 10:00 p.m. and I hoped you were all in bed by then.  To make it up to you I will give 5 tickets to any kid who can tell me who the BEARS football team is playing in the homecoming game Friday night.  The answer is on this website!!

Happy hunting.

Mrs. K