What is homecoming?  Answer in a blog comment and get 4 tickets.

The WBL teams will be playing the East Ridge Raptors all week long culminating in a big football game on Friday night.  Have you even been to a WBL football game.  They are the BEST!!  There is so much excitement and enthusiasm and so many kids participating in things from the band to the cheerleaders to the dance line to the half time parade to the football players and student managers.  It's really quite an event.  

Lincoln is celebrating HOMECOMING by wearing Lincoln Lightening shirts or even just BLUE shirts on Wednesday and orange and black bear wear on Friday.  

In our room, I will give tickets to everyone who wears orange and black or WBL bear wear EVERY DAY!  Well, except for Wednesday when you wear Lincoln blue. Wear your football jersey--4 tickets.  Wear your basketball or hockey jersey--4 tickets.  Wear an orange shirt and black pants--4 tickets.  Let's celebrate our great schools ALL week long!!  Then on Friday let's go crazy with the orange and black.  Hair ribbons, hats, socks, jewelry, if it's orange and black, wear it!  Let's be the super fans of Lincoln Elementary School.

I sent parents an update email on Friday.  Hope it's helpful.