The end of the year is fast approaching and the school is heating up—literally.    Dress appropriately (shorts to your fingertips and no spaghetti straps) but for the heat.  Keep a sweatshirt handy in case you are too cool but layer it so it can come off in case it gets hot.  Shower more often to clear your skin of sweat.  Make sure to use deodorant so you don’t stink it up in the classroom.  Drink plenty of water and try to mellow out in school.  I know it’s exciting to be here but really folks, you will stay much cooler if you sit still and relax.  Did you know that talking raises your body temperature and makes you get overheated?  (Ok, I made that up but I thought I’d give it a try.)  My point is, settling down and talking less will help to keep you cool in school. 

We had an interesting day today.  We learned about a country in Africa and the people that live there.  A man who started and runs an orphanage came to talk to us.  He was very interesting.

Tomorrow is our final day of MCA testing.  Get a good night sleep, have a healthy snack here tomorrow and bring your thinking hat.  See you tomorrow.        Mrs. Kovacs