We started IE reading today.  It is fun to get to try new things.  Our focus is on fluency and that means speed, flow, intonation, projection, and accuracy.

Today's BHTQ has to do with the social studies we've been doing and the project posters/timelines we've been making.  Blog a comment about your team's poster.  Tell what is on it as well as give your opinion on how your team is doing team work wise.  I think the posters all look great--especially after today.  Some teams who were behind did a great job catching up.  But I don't always see everything that is going on.  Also, don't use names if you have a problem to report as everyone in the class can read this so we need to be ...delicate.  For example, if someone is too bossy, just say "Someone is too bossy." and I'll know to ask about it and watch for it.  Don't say, "Johnny is too bossy and won't let the rest of us help!"  That would not be a kind way to have Johnny find out he's too bossy.  See what I mean?

Tomorrow we will work on our poems.  We need to get that project up and decorating our school.

See ya all tomorrow.

Oh, and for a quick free trip to the prize bucket bypassing the need for having your name pulled out of the hat, write a blog comment that uses alliteration on the topic of monsters.  Do it!!