The Ed MN challenge is finally here.  Sorry it is so late but....I was busy!

Everyone who completes 5 out of 7 of the challenges gets 20 tickets!  What?  Have I lost my mind?  I will need a new roll for sure now.

Here is your challenge:

1.  Go on a nature walk and collect AT LEAST 5 different colored leaves from 5 different types of tress.  Then identify them and do something with them.  It could be glue them to a chart, it could be use them to make a cool crayon rubbing, it could be a collage or wreath of some kind.  (Done by itself this item is worth 6 tickets.)

2.  Read in an interesting place.  In a tree, in the bathtub, in the car, on a bus...and have someone take a picture of you doing this.  Send me the picture so I can show it in class on Monday.  (Done by itself this item is worth 2 tickets.)

3.  Call a grandparent of yours and have a visit.  Be sweet, tell them about what's going on in your life, ask interesting questions and listen to their answers.  Blog a comment about who you called and what you talked about.  Your blog comment must be at least 4 sentences long and give great details of your conversation. (Done alone this is worth 4 tickets.)

4. Eat ice cream.  Any kind from any place.  Take a picture of this happening and send it to me.  (Not worth tickets when done along.  Must be done as part of the 5/7 total challenge.)

5. Write a poem that has a fall theme.  Post it on the blog for 2 tickets OR Make a cool word art paper/poster rendition and you can have 6 tickets for this item along.)

6.    Ask Mom or dad what you can do to help out and then actually do it.  Empty the dishwasher?  Rake some leaves?  Write a note that says, "____________ asked me what they could do to help.  I said __________ and they did it!  Signed by your parent.  (4 tickets if done alone.)

7.   Post a Krypto on the blog page for other kids to solve.  On paper try to solve someone else's posted Krypto.  Bring in your solution.  DO NOT post possible solutions on the blog or others can just copy you.  No tickets along, must be done as part of the challenge.

So there it is!  Some fun things to keep you busy while you have some time off school.  And remember, you should always be reading.  My math class had a fun challenge.  You only have to do 3 on each page or you can do ALL of it for some tickets.

Happy Ed MN weekend everyone!

Mrs. Kovacs