Sorry I didn't update this sooner but I am still at school getting ready for curriculum night tomorrow night as well as planning things for tomorrow.  Hmmm...where should we go on our mini field trip?  Planning can be so exhausting!  Hey, you know what the best part of mini field trips is?  They are free!!

I will put the homework on next but you probably didn't have anything new today.  There will be math homework going home tomorrow but it won't be due until Monday.

Keep checking this space and talking to each other on the blog page.  I still need a few more field trip permission slips for the Wargo Trip so I will have to post names (first names only) tomorrow.  So far I have Katalin's mom going.  A few other parents have expressed an interest and I'd love to have a couple more go.  Check with our parents and see whose up to a day at the nature center.

For 5 tickets, write down what you think the point of all our mini field trips has been.  There are actually a couple points I had in mind and if you hit one of those, it's double ticket day.  That means 10 tickets to anyone who knows why I think we it's important for us to take mini field trips.

See ya tomorrow.

Mrs. K