The Olympics are over, the hot weather has taken a break, and it feels like it's time to go back to school.  Are you ready?  Are your parents ready?  I think I am close to ready.  I guess I'll have to be.  Tomorrow I'm going up to school to work on getting the classroom ready.  On Monday we have a teacher meeting all day long.  New teachers start on Aug. 22 so on the 23rd I have to head up to school to meet with the new 4th grade teacher and show him around Solensky's old room and stuff like that.  Then the next week the teachers start working.  We work all week taking classes from the principal and getting ready for you to come to school on September 4.

I am planning on having my annual "back to school" party for my new set of 5th graders.  I am thinking that Aug. 30 is the right day.  The party will probably be from 5:30 to 8:00 pm.  Hey, if you are reading this and you were at the party last year, what did you like about it?  What should I make sure to include again?  Blog me a comment so I can plan away.