Since only a few people noticed the toilet paper comment yesterday (way to go Bjorn and Precious) I will still give those tickets for one more day.  Go ahead and research about the toilet paper problem as suggested in yesterday's blog and you can still have the tickets I offered for that yesterday.

Today's new ticket question has to do with fun fact #2 about Turkey:  feral dogs and cats are EVERYWHERE!!  Yikes.  The dogs are just laying around sleeping and have big tags on their ears.  The cats are on the prowl and especially prey on people dining in outdoor eating spots.  One jumped up on the table at stole a big chunk of my grandson Jack's spaghetti.  He couldn't eat it at all anymore as the cat stepped in it and bit into it.  Yuck!

There are dishes of food and watering stations on all the sidewalks and the animals can just go to them and eat and drink.  Why would a country allow feral animals to roam the streets?  What could be done about them?  Where else in the world does one encounter feral dogs and cats.

Blog a comment that tells what feral means.   2 tickets
Research other places that allow feral dogs and cats to roam free unowned by anyone--think winter Olympics as an athlete brought a bunch of them home with him.  Blog a comment about your findings and you can have 6 tickets.
What else could a country do with these animals?  Offer suggestions in a blog comment and earn 6 more tickets.

Happy researching!

PS:  Robbie and Rowan, how were your speeches?  Good luck in the polls.