IN days are painful for everyone.  They are painful for the kids because they are cooped up IN their classroom during recess time.  They are painful for the teachers because recess time is usually part of the teacher's lunch time and now they have to stay IN the room with the cooped up kids and entertain them.  It just makes for a long afternoon.  Luckily, we had star lab this morning and pictures right before the recess time.  Still, let's hope tomorrow the kids can go out to play.

Our next survey under the extra credit tab is going to be "What is your favorite Halloween candy"?  You know, the one you trade other things to get, the one you eat first or ration and save and just have 1 a day?  [this brings up a whole different survey idea--do you ration your Halloween candy and eat it over time or do you eat as much as you can right away?]  Anyway, to submit a type of candy to be listed on our survey, please write a comment that includes the candy you prefer.  Is it Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Milky Way, Snickers, Star Bursts, gum, Butterfinger...what what what do you like to eat?  Please just list your very favorite one.

James, I can't believe you are still sick.  So sorry, man.  Please make sure to review the math homework you have at home (sheets 13 and 14) as you have to take our math test when you get back.

So today let's just say that there's a ticket for Krypto, a ticket for getting your planner signed and a ticket for blogging a comment about your favorite kind of candy.

See you all tomorrow.  We have buddies right after lunch!!                          Mrs. Kovacs