Did you miss me too?  I hope so. My friend Mrs. Jorris said you were off to a great start when I talked to her at 10:00.  Sorry to have missed today but you know how I have been fighting that cold--stuffy head, sneezy, sore throat and funny voice--I decided to stay home and get over it.  Let's hope it worked.

How was the day?  Did you learn some great stuff about some cool Native American people in the Going Further part of your SS book?  Did you find a new favorite Native American people to study?  We will talk all about it tomorrow.  We will also talk about researching a group of Native American people online and see what else we can find out about them.  

Friday is Halloween.  First we will do math, then Spanish.  Don't forget that we will read with flashlights in the morning after Spanish, under desks and in cozy forts you make with my 2 blankets or something you bring from home.  There will be a craft to make which is always fun and a witches brew to eat and if you bring a drink for yourself, you can drink it.  The parade is at 2:00 and we will need to read a Halloween book or two.  Finally, we will watch a Scooby Doo and have a ticket drawing.

There is a fun wuzzles somewhere on this site.  4 tickets if you can find it and blog a comment about it.

Don't forget that you can bring a costume and bring a snack thing to mix into our witches brew--see the peek tab for more info.   See you tomorrow!!