Gone again.  This time for training in an engineering curriculum that will have you cleaning up an oil spill!!  Then the 5th grade teachers met with the DARE officer and did some planning for the rest of the year.  DARE is going to begin on Feb. 22.  You will get 10 lessons from a very cool Washington County Sherriff--way cool!

Tomorrow we have some kids who need to finish their math MAP test.  I am glad you are doing a careful job and taking your time. You can start with that first thing in the morning.  In honor of that, the rest of us will go over math too.  We will have a pretty normal day other than that.  We will work on your online science course some more and do a check in to see if everyone is done.  Those who are can work on a different project.  There is always more for you to do.

I am excited to see you tomorrow.  It is ZOO day in the village.  Have a great evening.  Let's hope Rachel is back.          Mrs. Kovacs