I was sick to my stomach, just like st. Martin was the day before.  Yuck!  I am better now.  Hope none of you get sick.

This is a big weekend for you.  You should be going to bed on schedule (no staying up too late, please) and eating healthy, protein filled meals and shopping for brain mints!  You need to be at the top of your game on Monday at 9:30 as that is when we start the MCA test.

You are ready.  We worked hard cramming all those language arts skills into you for 2 weeks.  We reviewed everything from idioms to similes to compare and contrast to drawing conclusions (not in art class) to main idea and details to close reading to nouns and pronouns and fact and opinion.  From colons to semi-colons to declaratory sentences to interrogatory sentences.  You know it all!  Your brain could not hold more if we tried to cram more in.  YOU ARE READY!!

How did your Top Ten Test Taking Tips book (yes, that's alliteration) turn out?  Are you done with it?  We will read through them Monday, take the test takers pledge thats on page 1 and then take a walk around the building outside before popping in a mint and heading off to test in the downstairs lab.  You need pencils, a book to read and your mints.

Get outside and enjoy the sunshine.  We will go out in the afternoon a lot next week to refresh and recover from the MCA test that we are scheduled to take for 4 mornings in a row.  YOU CAN DO THIS!!  Sorry I missed your museum, you'll have to set it up for me again on Monday.