Thank goodness we had school on Thursday and Friday or it would be about 20 days since I'd seen you.  Yikes!

Today does't feel too bad.  I think we are on the warm up trail.  I am sure we will have school tomorrow. Still, I bet it will be an IN day as it is still supposed to be quite cold.  Then, bring your outside stuff the rest of the week as we are going to hit the pond on Thursday and Friday.  How fun will that be after being cooped up for so many days.

There are many ticket opps on this site.  One is in the message below this and one is on the homework tab.  

Check out all the new pics I put on the student tab.  

Play with the math playground or the washington county math site that are both on the links tab.  Do some more work with fractions and in particular equivalent fractions.  I LOVE MATH!!