You guys worked very hard today.  Thank you.

How many of you went home and showed your family your DVD?  You should watch it to make sure it works and to show your parents how hard you work at school!  I have 2 extra ones in the room and will be at school all day Friday so if yours doesn't work, come in and switch it with me.

Also, Preston, I have your magnets.  I called your house and told Parker so come on up on Friday to get them if you want.  Sperry, I have some of your toys to which you can come and get if you need want to.

Thanks for all the lovely gifts, I wrote thank you notes and forgot to put them in your mail box so I will mail them.  Oh well, mail is fun to get, right?

Blog me.  I miss you already.                              Mrs. Kovacs--the room is really quiet when I am the only one here.