I loved my bike trip at the North Shore. There were 15 of us, me, my mom, sister, 3 sister-in-laws and 9 nieces but only 6 of us biked.  All our men were surviving in the Boundary Waters.  We drove up past Grand Marais to the Nanibuojou Lodge and had a wonderful lunch.  The lodge was started as a guys club and Babe Ruth was a charter member.  From there we went back to Grand Marais for a bit of a bike ride straight up hill.  The good news was we got to turn around and come back down, too.  We loaded up the bikes and headed for a 5 mile stretch of trail along the beautiful shores of Lake Superior.  The trail we were on is called the Gitchi-Gami State Trail and is currently only 25 miles long.  It is in pieces so lots of get the bikes off the car rack, bike 5 miles, put the bikes back on and head to the next section that is done.  It will be an 86 mile trail when it is done and will connect Two Harbors to Grand Marais.  We biked through Gooseberry Falls and lots of woods with rushing water streams and hills.  Very beautiful.  I put a picture or two on the summer tab, check it out.  Check out my pink bike.

The men were in the Boundary Waters.  They had a blast too and if I can find their pictures, I will put some of those on the summer tab as well.

I am missing you guys.  I saw Frac in downtown WBL when my son's car ran out of gas and then he burned up the fuel pump.  Sad day.  Really hot and we had to get it towed.  I saw Sperry's mom and dad at Target--I've seen them there before--Sperry, why don't you ever go along?  Other than that I haven't really seen anyone for quite some time. :(  I hope that means you are all out doing fabulous things with your summer time. :)

See you soon.  I might need to go to Marketfest this week, that usually brings in a few kids I know.  Happy Summer!!