Man, the cold, stuffy head, cough, sore throat thing that is going around got me.  I was down and out Sunday - Tuesday.  Yikes.  But I am getting better and back in full force.  I missed you kids.

Sometime before MONDAY, September 30, you need to watch the order of operations video that is on the math playground video library.  Remember, go to the links tab above, go to math playground and it is listed there.  It is in the 5th category down which is labeled " Algebra and Pre-algebra".  After you have watched the video a couple of times, blog a comment about what you learned.  Did you know the order of operations had an acronym?  Comment on 2 other people's blog comments.   Oh my, how many ticket winning opportunities are ON this site tonight?  Weird!!   If you do this on WEDNESDAY night you can have 4 tickets.  One stradegy for remembering to do this by MONDAY is to DO IT RIGHT NOW while you are thinking about it.  Any other ideas on how to remember it?

Tomorrow is a field trip.  8 of you ordered school bag lunch but that means 21 of you did not.  Please remember to bring a lunch as we will be leaving at 9:30 and not getting back until 2:30!!  Who can make fractions with these numbers?  Blog a comment that lists a fraction of kids bringing lunch or eating school lunch.  Do this and be rewarded!!