We are home!!  We are all so excited to be back home.  Vlad already has a new pair of Nikes and has had to take out the garbage and help clean up dog puke.  Welcome to America.  Welcome to family life.

Next week is our 4th grade recorder concert.  There will be a practice on Monday and then a daytime show and evening show on Tuesday.  You need to have dark pants and a white shirt for the programs.

I hear from Mrs. Vedoy that division is going pretty well.  I know you learned some strategies and methods and I can't wait to have you show them to me.  I believe you are on lesson 7-6.  Way to go!!

Another week of science, then spring break, then we are back to social studies.  We will read quickly through the next chapter which builds on what you know about the NE region, take a quick quiz on that stuff and then head off to a new region.  We still have several regions to go before I can pass you on to 5th grade.

There is a big 5 ticket ticket question out there in the blog.  Check it out.  Also, did anyone buy tickets for the room or do I need to do that?  Let me know by blogging me the information.   Can't wait to see you on Monday!!   Mrs. K