Did you miss me?  I really really really really really...you get my point, missed you guys.  I can't believe I have to go to school Monday and you guys aren't going to be there.  What's up with that?  Who's idea was this teacher learning day, anyway? 

So how was everybody for the sub?  I will give you ONE ticket for EVERY sentence you blog about how you think you personally were for the sub.  You need to be honest because if you're not, I'll find out anyway from the sub and your darling classmates. 

Did everyone get their descriptive writing piece turned in?  Did everyone remember to turn in their inspirational beanie baby that I let you use to write the description?  If not, I'll collect the rest on Tuesday. 

You guys are so LUCKY!!  What will you do on Monday?  Any big plans beyond sleeping in?  A ticket for every idea about what you'll be doing on Monday too.  Who thinks Zach can sleep in on Monday?  Let's get a guessing pool going and the person who guesses the time Zach gets up to the closest minute can have 5 tickets.  Here's the rules:  You have to guess a time, to the minute, that you predict Zach R. will wake up on Monday.  (Zach, you can have 2 tickets just for being our test item).  This time has to be recorded in a blog message PRIOR to Monday morning (that means before midnight on Sunday.)  Read the comments to see what my guess is.

Have a great day tomorrow and a wonder filled Monday.                       Mrs. Kovacs