I was down and out with the flu but I am back, people.  It was good to see you all today.  It is lonely being sick.

Tomorrow is Jump Rope for Heart.  You will get some good exercise and a great workout jumping off some calories first thing in the morning.  Then, we are going to head up to the room to finish our Thanksgiving Placemats, our read aloud book, and our thank you notes.  We will deliver the ones that go to school people.  After that we will head outside with our life journals to do a bit of writing and soaking in 60 degree sun.  How amazing will that be?  Next we will hit the books--the math books that is.  We will get through 2 lessons tomorrow.  Wowzers!!  We will set our tables just before lunch so we are ready for the Thanksgiving Taste Fest.  Lunch and recess will follow that.  When you come back it will be time for our Thanksgiving Taste Fest and sharing things we are thankful for.  Finally, we will watch a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie and close our day with some geography challenges.  Good times.  Homework for the break will include some math and a bit of social studies. 

Enjoy your evening.  I hope you are on the same basketball team, boys.  Go NAVY!!   Mrs. Kovacs