How is Joe Yo?  Was he back in school on Thursday?  I will be back tomorrow as I am GREAT now.  My throat is still a little scratcy and my nose is still a little plugged but I am WELL and will be back tomorrow.

John and Pam moved to Minnesota for the summer and arrived from Washington D.C. in the middle of the night on Saturday.  Today they have been gone all day at a family baby dedication for Pam's sister's new baby. Guess where they are going to stay for the summer?  That's right, our house.  We will have a full house for sure.  Jim is NOT coming home though as he has a good job in Winona and has to pay rent on his house anyway so he might as well stay there and make some money for school next year.

I can't believe I missed Ms. Tonder and the Egyptian mummy foil paper project.  That is my favorite project and I love making cool art pieces with the cool foil paper sheets.  Have you noticed the fish that is in front of Ms. Dahlem's office?  That is made with the same cool foil/copper paper that you used for the art.  I can't wait to see how yours turned out.  But I will have to wait, until tomorrow anyway.

We are going to read the Gloria E. story this week and listen to one of her songs.  We will talk about other famous singers including people like Michael Jackson (Dylan has those moves down), Michael Buble, Taylor Swift and more.  I wonder if all famous singers are heros or if some of them are just legends?  If you remember the difference and can explain it in a blog to me that will earn you 5 points.

Missed you all very much.

See you tomorrow.

Mrs. Kovacs