I am so happy right now!  I really love it when I have to be gone and so I ask you to please be respectful and wonderful to my sub and you are!  I was so thrilled to walk down the hall and come into the room and see you all working so hard.  When Mrs. Gerger said you were an amazing class I just wanted to hug you all!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I knew you were the best class in the world.  Oh, and Mr. Doebler told me that you guys are an amazing class too!  Wow, wonderful.

Blog a comment telling me what you personally chose to do during cafe time today and what made you chose that and I will give you 4 tickets--that's on top of the four you're getting for being so awesome! 

I hope Steven is feeling better.  Don't forget to blog him.  Sitting at the computer is probably something he's able to still do so...let's give him something to read.   Have a fun day tomorrow.  Think of me sitting at school working on report cards.  Keep checking it, I will.       Mrs. Kovacs