Johnny called from Washington D.C. and said he sure hopes it's cold here.  He says it's 45 degrees in D.C. and he misses the cold.  I think he'll be very happy.  I'm glad it's cold too.  I love winter.  Do you?  I love to look outside and see the traces of snow.  Actually, I really love that our seasons change.  I love the beginning of each season and am ready for the new to come when it's time.  It's time for winter.  Bring on the snow.

We are calling Vlad in a little bit.  Next Saturday at this time he will be flying here.  I can't believe it's finally time to have him visit again.

Remember, you have 6 books to read and reports to write or projects to complete before the end of this trimester,  You could get a good start on that by getting 2 done before the Chirstmas vacation break.  Why not read one of your new Book Fair books this weekend and get a jump on that reading requirement.

To earn yourself 2 tickets, blog me what your favorite season is and write a sentence telling me why it is your favorite.  Also, there is a 2 ticket offer hiding in my comment on the blog page itself.  It's the comment from this morning.

Have a great weekend.                                    Mrs. Kovacs