Today's BHTQ which will get you the key to find the locked up prize bucket is :  What is Bernoulli's principle of air pressure?  Blog a comment that explains what you think it is and tell about 1 of the demonstrations the 3M Wizards showed us.  [hint: one involved a plunger!]

The 3M Wizards were my favorite station at Science Day.  Well, actually, they were my second favorite.  The science fair with all of your wonderful projects was my actual favorite.  You guys rocked.  I was so proud of you and all the other 4th graders and the 5th graders.  There were some outstanding projects and there wasn't even 1 that was bad.  I am IMPRESSED!  Did you learn a lot?  It sure seems like you did.  Wow.  I hope we do that again next year.

Ok, so the 3M Wizards were really funny and did a great job showing us some fascinating science principles.  How do airplanes fly?  We kind of know, now.  So 2 tickets if you blog a comment about what they were trying to show with the scale, 2 more if you can explain the balloons, 2 more if you can talk about the leaf blower and what that showed, and 2 more if you can explain how it is Antonia had a 10 dollar bill in her hand but didn't get to keep it.  Fun stuff, good times.

We also got to learn about chickens and eggs, snakes and raptors (although we already knew about Owls hacking up gross stuff also known as pellets from our book The Capture).  Blog a comment telling what your favorite thing about the day was.  The science committee wants to know.

Finally, my son's book The Historia, The Search for Wisdom is available through Amazon books.  You can get a paperback version or download version for the Kindle or the Nook.  To get one go to and click on the Amazon links.  I ordered a few copies and can let you have one for $11.99 at school if you want.  The e-book version is only 99 cents.  It is a really suspenseful, interesting story with a 7th grade boy as the hero.  He used the same name as the character in my book so that's kind of fun.  I still have not gotten my book on Amazon but he is going to help me do it this summer when he's home.  I hope to order a few before that so you guys who want it can have it.  Anyway,...check it out!