So I was one of the 6 finalists for WBL teacher of the year but Jake's math teacher, Mr. Danielson was the one they chose.  Man. that's two years in a row of having to settle for just being a finalist.  How many teachers does WBLAS have?  Hmmm...the high schools, the two middle schools, the 8 elementary schools.  I wonder how many there are?  I wonder where a person could go to look it up.  I will give an immediate trip to the prize bucket to anyone who blogs a comment about how to look it up and then does and blogs their findings.

I had to be interviewed on Tuesday for about a half an hour by 20 people.  Yuck!!  Anyway, the program was today and so that is where I ran off to before school was over.  Makayla Rowen Zerwas and her friend Sydney and Dylan were the ones who got up and talked about me.  They did such a great job!  They made shirts that said Mrs. Kovacs is #1.  How sweet.  Maybe I'll get nominated by someone again some year.  We'll see.  It is very wonderful that Makayla thought enough of me to nominate me for this honor.

Tomorrow is SCIENCE all day!!  Be sure and wear you Twins T-Shirt or other gear.  It seems like it will be a fun day.

Mrs. Kovacs