It is so sad that we taped lots of fun purple activities and then our video didn't make the news.  Hmm...I wonder if Mrs. Severson just forgot?  I wonder if she'll put it on the news for Monday.  So many wonders.

Next week on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings we will be taking the MCA reading test.  Please have with you plenty of pencils, sharpened and ready to go.  Also, you should have a healthy snack as we will take a break between segments.  Finally, make sure you have a book to read or markers to draw and color.  You will NOT be allowed out of the room unless we are all taking a break.  You did really well on that with the math test so I have faith in you.  You can do it!!

Nice work on the MCA test language work you did today.  Rock on!

Have a great weekend.  You can have 2 tickets for every blog entry you make that states a helpful test taking tip for your classmates to read and consider.                 See ya Monday.                     Mrs. Kovacs