I can't believe I am missing the field trip to Wargo Nature Center.  I am so sad. :(  It is such a beautiful fall day today, the sun is shining and I just know you are having a wonderful time spending your day outside.  Lucky!!

I don't sound a ton better, that's the bad news.  Everybody else I know who has had this sickness is already better, even some people who got it after me.  It always settles in my lungs and lasts forever.  I think I will be at school tomorrow anyway because I am no longer contagious but wait until you hear my cough--Yikes!

Hope you had a fun day.  Hope you worked hard during the afternoon and got all your work done so you don't have homework tonight.  I miss you.  Today's BHTQ is "Did you miss me too?"  Blog your answer and earn a ticket or two.  You get two if your answer is RIGHT--Nate, there is a right answer to this BHTQ!!

See you all tomorrow--Mrs. Kovacs