I would imagine your answers will vary.  I will give you an immediate trip to the prize bucket if you blog a comment that tells how your day was and then tells WHY is was that way.

Good day:  Some kids were amazingly on task and rock stars in the class room today.  [bad day:  some were not]
Good day:  Some kids are ready for large number multiplication.  [bad day:  some are not and those are the ones who
                                                                                                were not paying attention during math.  Hmmm....]
Good day:  The kids had a fun time working on their snowmen for the snowman quilt we are making for the winter carnival.
                     [bad day: we were working on it during recess because it was another stupid IN day.]

So, it's never a good day when the principal comes to find you which she did today.  She came to tell me that I am letting kids go outside without coats and I should NOT be doing that.  I figure if you get cold you'll wear a coat next time.  Still, in the interest of avoiding another visit from the principal, please wear your coats from now on.

Get your dummy troll book done so you can begin publishing your story into a real book.  We need to get on with it and work on our plays.  Have a great night.         Mrs. Kovacs