How was your first week of summer?  Mine was good except did you know I teach a 3 week class that started on Tuesday?  I have 20 new students and I am teaching them all about being a lawyer.  They are ok but they are not the fabulous class I had to offer up to 6th grade next year--I mean you guys.  I guess I'll survive, I just miss you guys.

So far the only people I've seen are Rachel (at her softball game) and Jordan (at her new store).  Where are the rest of you?  I saw Lauryn from Ms. Stamson's class and Sage and Tiffany Tran from Weisman's class--they are both at the same school I am teaching at in June.  I saw Jessie's mom but that is all the sightings news I have for right now.  People, I want to see you!!

The sun has just come out, the rain has stopped, get outside and play.  It looks like it might be a beautiful day after all.
Don't forget to say Happy Father's Day to your dad.  I miss you all.  Blog me.