Let me just say that I hope you guys did not sink your sub--substitute teacher that is.  Mrs. Jans is like the second nicest person in the world--after me of course.  So I hope you treated her with respect and did your work.

Secondly, I'll tell you that we didn't get good news at Joe's Dr. appointment.  Don't worry, he's fine for right now.  He has a bicuspid valve in his heart.  Most people have 3 little flaps that open and close to let blood flow through their aorta.  Joe only has 2.  The problem is that after his heart pumps the blood through this valve, it doesn't close like it should and some of the blood leaks back into the heart.  That means his heart has too work too hard and someday might have problems.  We have to take him to see another doctor soon who can tell him if he can keep playing sports.  Eventually, sometime in the future he will need to get that valve replaced.  The good new is, it can be fixed!

Good luck to Zach R. and James--their teams play eachother tonight on the football field.  What a great match up that will be.

Finally, the big ticket question for today is worth 7 tickets!  Here it goes:  based on this blog comment, who is the nicest person in the world and who is the second nicest person in the world?

Have a great night!!

Mrs. K